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3 Rue Jean Marie Duhamel
35000 Rennes

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Welcome to our eco-responsible hotel in the heart of the city of Rennes

‘With family and a verdant atmosphere, the Garden Hotel supports an environmental  respect in order to contribute to the Earth stability.

Why have we chosen the European ecocertificatelabel ?

The name of our hotel ‘Garden Hotel’ evokes nature and that is why it was evident for us that we wanted to contribute to the environmental conservation.

The European eco-certificatedlabel for accommodation involves commitment to improvement in energy and water saving, waste sorting andthe use of respectful cleaning products.

Our customer awareness of environmental conservation is at the heart of our strategy.

Our accommodation is inspected every two years by an independent organisation on the basis of the reference document requirements.

We focus on three themes which matter to us and in which we have worked towards in 2018.

Local consumption

The local breakfasts are composed by a meticulous selection of products from the Rennes region.

The Garden Hotel is committed toward the environment and short tours with a direct supply of provisions from the producers.

How to best start your day.

These products are made by bigger factories which contribute to the region dynamics, however they are still local producers.

Wrapping and selective sorting

For more than two centuries, humans are using the Earth’s resources without consideration for the impact it will have in the future. The population is increasing on Earth! 1.5 billion inhabitants in 1900, 7.5 billion in 2017 and maybe 9 billion in 2050. This incredible increase is unprecedented.

Consequently, at the Garden Hotel, we do selective sorting as well as using other strategies to help the Earth’s resources.

We do this by:

  • increased recycling of the waste
  • wrappings that are biodegradable
  • having a compost on the patio for coffee grounds, tea bags, banana and kiwi fruit skins and all other green waste.

This system enables the ground to be enriched with nutrients and caters for the elimination of waste in a responsible way.

We work in conjunction with our other produce partner, which are our chickens. They are fed bread, viennoiseries, cheese and other waste peelings from the previous day. The chickens are free-range and they thank us every day by providing us with beautiful eggs.

Our accommodation is a LPO Rescue Centre

This year, the Garden Hotel received the label-certification for the Birds Protection League ( LPO)

The LPO is a local association network which is active in 79 departments in France. It’s the first association that provided for nature protection in France. The association works every day towards species protection, habitat preservation and to educate and raise awareness about environment protection.

With this label-certificate, we would like to show our guests that we participate with the community in order for the protection of nature.

In the patio of our hotel is a little rescue centre suitable for the bird-nests (especially in our big climbing honeysuckle)

We don’t use any insecticides and we do weeding by hand and this keeps all necessary elements for the life of birds.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about the Ecolabel in Rennes.